Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Custom Pen

The natural markings on this wood makes a very unique pen. Gold and Silver accents add to the prestige of this exquisite pen.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Purple Heart Tycoon Pen

Custom order for a Regal Looking Pen.

Wood Description:
Highly Prized wood from Central and South America. This wood has a tendency to get darker with age. Many people think this wood is dyed its purple color, but it is from the natural rain forest.

Custom Alamo Pen

Wow! What a Unique Pen! This pen is made from the LAST living tree of the Alamo! If only trees could talk, the stories this tree could tell...

Rifle Pen

A 30 caliber cartridge using Walnut Wood.

This is a beautiful pen. Plus it makes the perfect gift!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Are You a Coffee Drinker?

Well this pen is for you!

Coffee beans pressed into acrylic blank creates a very special pen.

This actually smells like coffee!

And LOOKS beautiful!

The LAST of the Alamo...

Wood that is. These are just stunning and the story behind this wood is amazing. The wood is from the last standing tree of the Alamo.

Pine Wood - Custom Order

This Pine Wood was very special to a small group of people.

This wood was made into 12 beautiful custom pens.

Take a look...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Custom Special Order

This is wood used from the last living tree in the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas.

The customer provided the wood and this beautiful pen was made. The marking of this wood is unbelievable. To think this tree was alive for many years before the faithful day at the Alamo and may years afterwards.

Buffalo Horn

This is harvested after the Horn falls off. So, no buffalo harmed in the making of this pen.

This pen is highly glossed to bring out a brilliant shine.
New fountain pen kit, adds a type of high class style to this Art deco pen.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

30 Cal. Rifle Pen

This is a larger pen than the previous rifle pen. It is longer and a bit heavier.

The rifle clip makes this pen a unique treasure.

Order your pens today!

Email j_kapche@yahoo.com

Olive Wood Pens - Special Order - SOLD

All SIX are Olive Wood from Bethlehem with the Tycoon pen kit.

Even though the wood is the same, each pen is unique in its own special way. Just like the trees the wood is harvested from.

The markings on each pen are beautiful.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Majestic Junior in Purple Box Elder Burl Wood

High end executive pen. Silver with gold accents.

The top of this pen comes off and can be screwed on the back of the pen for safe keeping while in use.

The wood is a purple box elder burl. Other colors of this type of wood are available.

Pictures do not do this pen justice! It is beautiful!

Special orders only. Jeff wants to keep this one for himself!

Salute to the USA

This is a very beautiful pen.
Each laser cut star is inserted by hand one at a time for each of the 50 stars on this pen. The 13 stripes are also laser cut and glued together by hand before turning the pen on the lathe. The pen is then polished and sealed to create a unique masterpiece.

Due to this labor intensive design and high quality artistry, this unique pen runs $125. Please allow one to two weeks for completion of this pen after ordering.

This is an ultra cigar pen kit with silver and gold accents. This flag design is available in some of the higher end pen kits, like the majestic.

Not availavle in slimline or similar kits.

Are You A Hunter?

Well, then This is the Perfect gift for you, or your fellow Hunters.

These are 308 rifle cartridge pens. You can choose a variety of different designs.

Here are just a few different combinations:

Now, that you have seen these pens, we know you will want to order some for you or your family members. Each pen runs right at $50.00. This includes your choice of material and the rifle clip on the pen.

Each pen is custom made and a work of art!

Order your pen today! Email j_kapche@yahoo.com